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Iran launched its first attack on Israeli territory

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Last Saturday night, Iran launched over 300 missiles and drones in response to the April 1st bombing of its consulate in Damascus.

Following these events, there were some threats reported, which we will discuss here, on Análisis UNAL.

According to the Pentagon, the missiles were launched from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, which are key territories in the history of the Middle East conflict, especially after October 7th.

Reports from Israel indicate that the drones were intercepted. Israel’s Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, has stated that his country will respond “at the appropriate time”.

Starting this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will once again convene his War Cabinet to assess the situation and, if necessary, make decisions regarding any response to the drone and missile attack of Iraq on the weekend, which Iraq has described as “necessary, proportionate, and deterrent”.

Guest: Profesor Jorge Araneda - PhD in Middle Eastern International Relations from the University of Ankara, CEO of "El intérprete Digital".

Journalist: Sonia Ramírez.

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