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In Lithuania, Gitanas Nausėda secures his reelection as president, garnering 74% of the votes.

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Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda secured reelection in the second round of presidential elections held yesterday, garnering a resounding 74.64% support, according to official data.

following his reelection victory, Lithuanian President emphasised his commitment to reaching a consensus and upholding the principles of a welfare state.

"The outcome is a testament to these five years of work, which have not been easy, marked by difficult circumstances. My mandate has been shaped by the pandemic, immigration, and the war waged by Russia in Ukraine," he stated in a message to the nation reported by local media. “These geopolitical events have also exacerbated the situation in Lithuania. I have always strived to reach agreements, never forgetting my principles and the pursuit of a welfare state.” Nauseda emphasized.

In addition, he placed particular emphasis on the defence sector, highlighting the deployment of a German military brigade on his territory.
Guest: Professor Guillermo Holzmann – Political Analyst, professor at Valparaíso University in Chile, and an expert on European affairs

Journalist: Jairo Currea

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